St. Croix Forge Steel Advantage Front Side Clipped

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St. Croix Advantage Steel - Advantage in Movement. A shoe for peak performance. St. Croix Advantage Steel.

Balance and versatility: these qualities, above all others, determine the success of both the horse and rider at a competitive level. A horse must move with agility and speed, quickly and smoothly responding to directions - particularly in Western performance. Under such conditions, the horse's shoe's can either hinder or aid in performance. The St. Croix Advantage is designed to allow fluid movement with total control.

A shoe with for peak:

  • Easy break over in all directions, thanks to full rolling and blunt toe
  • Enhanced traction provided by v-shaped crease and concave surface
  • Optimal heel support through a wide heel design
  1. Blunt Toe
  2. V-Shaped crease
  3. Wide heels
  4. Full rolling
  5. Concave Surface
  6. Sole relief