About Stockmans Supplies

Stockmans Supplies has for many years been servicing the horse industry with quality products at competitive prices.

In 1973, John Gilchrist established Stockmans Supplies. Stockmans has been nurtured by John for over three decades, providing top quality service to the Australian farrier industry through dedication and innovation. Stockmans was Australia's first Farrier-exclusive store, providing quality tools and equipment to the professional horse shoeing community.

We have been leaders in the industry, introducing such lines as G.E. and Diamond tools and instigating the concept of permanent plating in thoroughbred racing. In 1977 we introduced our flagship product, the Victory Racing Plate, to this day continuing a strong relationship with the Victory Racing Plate company. In the mid-1980's the introduction of English-style side-clipped shoes was seen as quite a revelation but like most new ideas, has become commonplace.

Our vision for the future is to grow with the equine industry, providing high-level, customer oriented service. Through the continuing development of our on-line shop front and increasing availability of information services we will be able to provide an ever expanding service capability to where it is needed most, to the person on the ground, where hammer meets anvil.