Sound Horse Urethane Extension

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Sound Horse Urethan Medial/Lateral Extension

Thin, flexible urethane encourages natural growth patterns and helps “correct” angular limb deformities in foals and yearlings.

The narrow side heel of the urethane extension has been left full to cover a wide range of foot shapes. If necessary it can be easily removed with a grinder before application or with a rasp after applied.

Polymer Forge™

The THINNEST urethane shoes on the market:

  • Allows application to only one foot without excessive lengthening of the limb
  • Enhances normal frog pressure with or without injecting pad material because foot is closer to the ground


  • Promotes a natural growth pattern during corrective treatment
  • Hoof experiences expansion and contraction in a natural fashion
  • Flexibility makes removal easy when starting at the narrow heel
  • Superior bonding to all acrylic adhesives
  • Minimal prep work
  • Deliver superior wear resistance
  • 25-30% lighter than metal extensions