Mustad E Slim Nails

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The Mustad E Slim nail is manufactured with a longer, thinner shank that the E-nail so that it can be driven simply, precisely and high into the hoof wall.

The E-Slim is ideal for horses with a thin hoof wall, such as many warmbloods, as it causes even less disruption to the hoof wall than the slightly thicker E-nails.

All Mustad nails are highly polished allowing them to glide precisely through hoof horn without deviation from the intended path.

Type: E Head
Model: European style, with a rectangular head

Nail length:

2 = 45.5mm
3 = 47.5mm
4 = 51mm
4.5 = 52.5mm
5 = 54mm
6 = 57.5mm
7 = 61mm

Packet Sizes: 250