Kerckhaert Fast Break Unclipped

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Kerckhaert Fast Break Unclipped

Correctly fitted, the Fast Break Extra Sound front shoe can improve break-over on a long toed thoroughbred hoof capsule, without having to overdress the hoof wall which can leave the hoof weaker and prone to over expansion. The Fast Break Extra Sound follows the shape of the Extra Sound plate but has a flatter / shorter toe to improve break over. 

This innovative shoe also has an improved design bevel around the toe and right back to the heel quarters which allows the hoof to break over more quickly, reducing the strain on the flexor tendons and ligaments down the back of the leg. This shoe will also reduce pressure to the back of the hoof capsule which can result in corns. 

As well as the improved features at the toe of the shoe, this plate also includes many of the designs you find in the popular Extra Sound plate. Strong Radius quarter clips which are easy to fit and allow the plate to be fitted under the toe. The wide webbed section helps to distribute energy across a larger area of the hoof, while the new concaved section provides better grip and Sole Relief to reduce pressure while the hoof is weight bearing. 

The heel design has been improved to increase the width of the bearing surface, while a slight elevation at the heels helps those horses with low heels. It is common for horses to have a combination of long toes and low heels. The New Fast Break Extra Sound is the perfect solution. The nail hole position ensures that the nails enter the hoof at the strongest point reducing splits in the hoof wall, while keeping the nail tight in the shoe. The heels of the shoe are designed for close fitting to reduce the risk of the shoe being pulled off while offering the maximum amount of support to the hoof.