Mustad Steel Equi-Librium Air Hind

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Mustad Equi-Librium Air Hind

The next level of sport shoes

Mustad Equi-Librium Air is one of our evolutions of our Equi-Librium concept: ulitmate performance improvement, reduced limb loading and injuries prevention.

After the succesful development and launch of the Equi-Librium shoe, our studies focused on the improvement of limb load characteristics through model adaptions. The result is a new shoe series featuring a fron and a hind shoe that combines all the exceptional features of the existing Olympic medal winning shoe with up to date knowledge and farrier preferences: a user friendly shoe with proven benefits for the horse.

The all new Equi-librium Air is available for front and hind feet: scientific studies prove that Equi-Librium smoothens the process of hoof-enrollment, thus decreasing the peak load and improving horse's coordination:

- Newly designed front model, 15% lighter than standard Equi-Librium

- Distinctive Equi-Librium rolled toe, more pronounced in the hind model

- Concave section through the toe providing extra grip

-Additional width in the heels for optimal support

- Side clips in the front shoe are positioned in the toe, for additional support while maintaining an optimal hoof mechanism.