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SynergiSTICKS, alloyed from pure virgin metals, provide farriers with a tool to braze aluminum and zinc-based materials using a low-temp, MAPP or propane hand-held torch without the use of flux. Welds made with the rod are clean and free of slag and free from porosity.

SynergiSTICKS produce a sound joint when welding in bars of all types, including those that use different thicknesses of material. Likewise, since the rods do not adhere to ferrous metals, farriers can use those metals for molds or templates to fabricate extensions. When cooled, the alloy and the resulting weld is 30% stronger than the parent metal.

SynergiSTICKS produce no fumes and can be used for multiple purposes, including -- but not limited to:

Adding extensions such as trailers, lateral support, or extended heels
Utilizing inserts to fabricate bar shoes of any type
Rebuilding sections of worn shoes (including worn nail holes)
Strengthening high-stress areas (tapped holes, nail holes, toes, etc.)
Creating wedges or "lift kits"

Pat Broadus heartbar demo using synergiSTICKS

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