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Foal Correction

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Dallmer Flaccidity Shoe - Heel Extension

Product Code: (ZDF1 / ZDF2 / ZDF3)

Flaccidity in foals is characterized by hypertension in the fetlock joint....


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Dalric Extension Shoe

Product Code: (ZDAL / ZDAL2 / ZDAL3)

The DALRIC Extension Shoe is designed to correct axial...


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Ibex Baby Cuff

Product Code: (ZIBEX1 / ZIBEX2 / ZIBEX3 / ZIBEX4)

IBEX BABY CUFF Available in Sizes 1 - 4


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Nanric Foal Extensions

Product Code: UNFE

Many years ago, Dr Redden's Dalric Extension concept offered the world a...

$40.15(inc GST)


Nanric Rocker Cuff

Product Code: (UNRC1 / UNRC2)

This product is used for foals with club feet. The rocker greatly reduces...


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Sound Horse Medial/Lateral Aluminum Extensions

Product Code: (ZSMLEA2 / ZSMLEA3 / ZSMLEA4)


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Sound Horse Medial/Lateral Extension

Product Code: (ZSMLE2 / ZSMLE3 / ZSMLE4 / ZSMLE5 / ZSMLE6 / ZSMLE7 / ZSMLE8)

Medial/Lateral ExtensionsTwo options to aid in the treatment of...


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